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A mysterious disappearance of several people led to the opening of a secret investigation in search of the missing. A messege complaint received by an An anonymous that claims to have heard sawing noises and screams of TError from the abandoned theater in Talpiot that was closed 28 years ago. The theater was closed due to the mysterious death of a girl who lived there with her parents. a patrol car was send to the theater with two officers to find out what happened..
When the police hotline tried to contact the two officers there was no answer...
You must
escape from the room before...

*please take note: the room is scary!*


*The room was biuld for 3-6 people

*Game time is 90 minutes

*There is a possibility to combine the room with our horror maze

*After booking contact us by phone taking a deposit of 120 NIS.*

*Cancel booking up to 24 hours before the game - the customer will not be charged an advance fee and receive a full refund for them.*

*Case and the client canceled the reservation time less than 24 hours before the start of the game, the advance fee shall be collected in full.*

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